miércoles, 7 de agosto de 2013

Los chicos de séptimo de la mañana junto con la profe de inglés Laura Tubio investigaron sobre los personajes de las estatuas y monumentos del parque y crearon las fichas de datos en inglés.

ÑUSTA Ñusta was the Quechua name for the princesses in the Inca Empire. Emilio Tomás Andina was a sculptor. He was born in Argentina in 1875. He died in 1935.He also sculpted “Monumento a Adolfo Alsina”, “Monumento de Los Naúfragos”, “Paseo del Bosque” and “Tehuelche”.

CHOPIN 1930 Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin was a Polish musician, composer and virtuous pianist. He was born in 1810. He died in France in 1849. He composed preludes, nocturnes, waltzes, ballades, etudes, impromptus, mazurkas, polonaises, rondos, scherzos, sonatas and variations. Pedro J. Ferrari was an Italian sculptor. Hew was born in 1884 and died in Argentina in 1972. Chopin by the Argentine pianist Daniel Barenboim

YAGUARETÉ The yaguareté is a big cat. It is the third largest feline in the world. It is the only Panthera Species found in America. It is in danger of extinction. Emilio Sarniguet was born in Argentina in 1887. He died in 1943.

SARMIENTO Domingo Faustino Sarmiento was born in Argentina in 1811. He died in Paraguay in 1888.He was a teacher, writer, reporter, military man and politician. He was an Argentinian president (1869 hasta 1874 ). He was particularly concerned with educational issues. A. D. Pelaez 1961.

FEMME AUX CHAMPS 1948 Jean Victor Badin was a French sculptor. He was born in 1872. He died in France in 1949. Avelino Gutierrez was born in Spain in 1864. He was a famous doctor. He was a generous man too. He died in Argentina in 1946.

MADRE Domingo Jesús de Paéz Torres (1970) FEDERICO OZANAM He was born in Italy in 1813. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1997. He was a professor, lawyer and writer. He founded Saint Vincent of Paul Society. He died in France in 1853